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Wild Bill Hickok

Poker Legend: Jame Butler Hickok


James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok was killed in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, on August 2, 1876. He'd boasted of killing over 100 men.

Hickock was shot in the back of the head while playing poker and holding black Aces and black eights (two pairs), ever since known as the "dead man's hand."

The first report of Hickock's death was published in Deadwood's only newspaper, the Black Hills Pioneer, on August 5, 1876.

"We found the remains of Wild Bill lying on the floor. The murderer, Jack McCall, was captured after a lively chase by many citizens. Wild Bill and others were at a table playing cards, Jack McCall walked in and around directly back of his victim, and when within three feet of him raised his revolver, and exclaiming, "d**n you, take that", fired; the ball entering at the back of the head, and coming out at the centre of the right check causing instant death."


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