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Hosting a GREAT game of poker.
    Poker Connectors has personally organised over 500 nights of Texas Holdem, ranging from the simple poker game for a few friends to full tournaments of 30 to 50 players. Thousands of hours at the tables have helped create a format that is guaranteed to maximise drama and excitement, whilst keeping with our philosophy of low stakes fun poker. We recommend you create your own house rules and format, but hope these tips will help make a great game of poker for all your players.
Play great poker
Poker antes
Anteplan ™

The difference between a great game and a good game is timing. You must decide the intervals between raising antes based on the number of players, starting chips totals and whether you want slow paced or fast and furious poker.

Our Anteplan calculator is based on hundreds of real games. Use for free and get your game right on the night.

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Poker all in
  Stand Up All In

If a player has bet their entire chip stack, they must stand to watch the hand. The tradition has been in place for many years and is followed by all the best poker players. Poker historians says that standing is to prepare to leave the table with good grace.

However, it also adds to the drama of any poker hand, as the standing person is clearly visible to the cheering crowd.

    Poker knockout   Sudden Death

Knockout competitions work best when no rebuys are allowed. Players who are killed off in a tourney should rest in peace and not be offered a second chance. Ghost players are never popular winners. Make sure your champion is undefeated on the night.

A single life for each player creates higher pressure and ensures every hand is contested to the max.

    Poker qualifiers   The Golden Ticket

Players should initially be trying to qualify for the final. This structure removes the need for limits on the number of players. For example, if you have six tables, the winners qualify to play for the big prize. If you have three, the top two on each qualify.

More people have more to play for using the golden ticket system. Actually qualifying is an achievement in itself and worthy of glory.
    Poker glory   Go Wrestle!

Make the final table even more special by honouring the qualifiers. Announce each player to the crowd and play their anthem loud. During their long walk to the table, as a mark of respect, the remaining players should clap and cheer.

You played great cards to get to the final. Now get the recognition you deserve. Living the poker dream. Money isn't everything!

    Poker champion   Poker Points

Introduce points scoring if you have a regular game. A league championship give players another incentive to win and keeps interest high throughout the year. We recommend 8 for a win, 5 for second, 3 for third, 2 for fourth and a single point for fifth place.

A league championship crowns the best player each season and acts as a form guide. Points for places makes every hand count.

    Poker trophy   Champions Bracelet

Award a champions bracelet to your overall champion and follow the World Series of Poker. It doesn't have to be valuable. The true value is to the wearer who can show all challengers that folding would be wise as they are taking on a proven winner!

Don't just stick to cash prizes. Trophies and bracelets provide something permanent that can be enjoyed again and again.

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