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Larry Flynt

Poker Legend: Larry Flynt


In the early seventies Flynt's life became a whirlwind of flashy clubs, cars, and women.

Fueled by his vision that the artsy layouts of Penthouse and the unattainable models of Playboy alienated the average man, Flynt set out to launch his own mens magazine. He nationally released the first issue of Hustler magazine in 1974.

Casinos call high rollers 'whales'. Among Americans, the best-known whale might be Hustler founder Larry Flynt. On one occasion he lost over $2 million playing Amarillo Slim at poker.

In 2000, Larry Flynt became the new owner of the new Hustler Casino in Gardena, California. When Larry Flynt wanted a place to play cards, someplace nice, where high rollers could feel as comfy as they do in Vegas, he had to create it.


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"Once I began following my own instincts, sales took off and I became a millionaire.

And that, I think, is a key secret to every person's success, be they male or female, banker or p****grapher. Trust in your gut."
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