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Ian Fleming

Poker Legend: Ian Fleming


Ian Fleming is best known as creator of James Bond and his series of novels. Like the Bond character Fleming liked to live life to the full. It may be that years of drinking and smoking took their toll, or that the butter-rich cooking Fleming loved was the culprit. Ian Fleming died of heart failure on August 12, 1964.

"Poker is a cold-hearted, deadly game that breaks and bankrupts men today just as, in the 17th and 18th centuries. Last time I played, I lost more than I could afford in rich brassy company. These people would introduce variations which I was mocked for not understanding. In the end, numb with martinis and false bonhomie, I pretended I understood and played a ragged, brash game that cost me dear. I was fleeced and deserved to be.

I will caution you that very few fine card players are the sort of people you and I would like to play with. It's not fun playing against cold-hearted butchers, however soft their words."


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"I am not a good poker player. I drink and smoke and enjoy the game too much. You shouldn't do any of these things if you want to win."
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    "If it were possible to have worse laws than our sex laws they would be the laws that regulate gambling."  
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